How To Get Away With Wearing PVC On A Date With Your Partner’s Parents

Ok, so picture the scenario ladies; you have met an incredible man or woman, things are going well, they’ve asked you to meet their parents, the problem is Mum and Dad are very conservative. So how do you impress them but also stay true to yourself? The answer seems to be pointing toward designers ‘Aqua’ who have created a number of gorgeous PVC dresses this season. The pieces can be a little on the pricey side but it’ll be worth every penny when you show up to dinner wearing this sexy little black number (below). (—Aqua) I love the deep plunge at the back of the dress and the seductive zip at the front. Good enough to wear inside and outside of the bedroom!

The Catwalk and High Street seem to be increasingly turning towards PVC, latex and fetish fashion for inspiration this season with the fashion pages boasting ‘rebel’, ‘Lolita’ and ‘bad girl’ inspired photo shoots and in return, the world of fetish also seems to be looking toward the catwalk for inspiration. Vogue recently sent its models down the runway wearing chains, pins and leather, something which can also be seen in Love Honey‘s new biker inspired piece.

Black Level seems to be tackling the ‘Lolita’ trend, creating more feminine clothes with a naughty edge to them like this stunning black PVC dress with red trim


Coquette also seem to have looked to the High Street, with the ‘colour pop’ trend making an appearance in some of their range, splashes of colour depicting the passion of the pieces. I love this high waisted skirt, worn with or without a bra, the red detail adds an extra element of seduction to the look.


The rise of fetish clothing in the mainstream can be attributed to stars like the gorgeous Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who are frequently photographed wearing latex and PVC clothing and dressing up. Katy has often referred to latex as ‘probably the most comfortable thing I ever wear because it just sticks on you’ and it definitely suits her, the form clinging material helping her earn the Number 2 spot in FHM’s Sexiest Women of the Year Poll 2011. Looking at our forum posts it seems you agree with the result. So with the great publicity that PVC is getting at the moment, will we be seeing more of it on the streets soon? I hope so!

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