Latest PVC Clothes:

#PVC Shorts
Figure Hugging PVC Shorts

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Show off your shapely legs with these bum hugging PVC shorts. Shaped in a Daisy Duke style, they’re sure to send temperatures soaring.

Figure hugging

Who didn’t wis.....

#PVC Mini Dress
If You’ve Got It Flaunt It – PVC and Mesh Mini Dress

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Flaunt your curves and a whole lot more in this revealing sheer mesh and PVC mini dress. Exposing your chest, back and arms, we defy anyone not to get a little hot under the collar!


#PVC Mini Dress
Suggestive and Titillating PVC Mini Dress

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Embrace your inner kink with this highly revealing PVC mini dress. With exposed breasts and seductive dangling silver chains, you can get up to all sorts of mischief wearing it.


#PVC Bras
Bondage Inspired Open Cup And Chain PVC Bra

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Unleash your wild side with this sensational bondage inspired PVC bra. With open cups and silver chains dangling provocatively over your bare breasts, not to mention the buckle detail and bondage c.....

#PVC Knickers
Racy Zip Fronted Buckled PVC High Waisted Knickers

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Just what’s a girl supposed to wear under some of her most saucy PVC garments? The answer’s quite easy really – A pair of PVC Royal Knix, that’s what!

Clinging fit.....